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ADN, gènes, séquençage - 4 octobre 2012 |


ADN, gènes, séquençage

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Erard le Beau de Hemricourt
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Hey, Mikk:Thanks for the review. Thanks for the ipiasrntion. Bought the audio CDs since we could not afford the whole package deal. I’m reconsidering this. I’m thinking that the structure will help Lori and me stay committed to the Marriage Fitness program. Accountability is a good thing. I’ve already implemented (and shared with Lori) some of the tips from Mort’s free email. Those have worked. It has been 3 weeks since we hit bottom, but thank God we are on the rebound. My gut tells me to bite the bullet and purchase the rest of the package; however, Lori thinks the price is too high. It took a bit of cajoling to get her to agree with me to purchase the audio CDs. Any thoughts or suggestions?? Be well. Peace.

Tariq - 11 février 2013 à 14 h 17 min

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